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To see a list of services covered by all plans, go to Health benefits and services and Long Term Services and Supports and other services.

For a complete list of added benefits, go to added benefits, limits and rules.

Adult dental
  • 1 exam, cleaning and set of bitewing x-rays each year
Adult hearing
  • 1 hearing aid, exam and fitting (up to $1,250 every 36 months)
Adult vision
  • 1 eye exam and up to $100 for frames or contact lenses every 24 months
Phone services
  • Free smartphone with 350 minutes, 3 GB of data and unlimited texts monthly
Wellness programs
  • Personal fitness program for your specific needs
  • Wellness reward gift cards
  • Nutrition education program
  • Registered nurse and text-based programs to help manage chronic conditions
Other benefits
  • Access to CVS Minute Clinic
  • Online access to health plan services and resources
  • Meal delivery after hospital or nursing facility discharge for up to 14 days